Caught up with dirt quest now I need to do hat corp and evicted



Can we stop pretending guys with beards are hot


A couple of months ago I was talking to the ineffably lovely gingercatsneeze about Dishonored and the characters turning into animals. Following that, she did up these lovely animations. They take my breath away.

Posted with permission of the artist.

"You just kissed yourself a princess." "And… I’m about to do it again."

AU where Nano's a prisoner in yoglabs and Duncan's the guard who slowly falls in love with her. he finally decides to try and break her out, but things escalate quickly and he ends up killing a co-worker who threatens to rat him out. Xephos covers it up and deems him a "glitchy clone" before imprisoning him in a bulletproof-glass room under the name of "Lalnable hector." where he gets news of Nano being terminated and legitimately goes insane, creating the villain in the yoglabs series.

holy shit O-O good au good

Will you follow me one last time?

basically its so bad that i had multiple papers saying my orientation for college was tmrw but i read 30th and didnt notice till we were sitting waiting at the college for 15 minutes

ive been misreading things like all day today i should sleep more 

someone reblogged my art and said “I didnt know Steve from Blues Clues was into dmmd?”  and i am still laughing